Sunday, April 17

What You Fear

I keep on forgetting to put this list up, but I finally did it. So, here is our list of Fears and their descriptions. I'm kind of crappy at writing the individual descriptions, so take each one with a grain of salt.

You don't know a thing about them.

The Slender Man
Began life as an image on the Something Awful forums here.
You know him. Tall, thin, no face. Works with proxies sometimes. Represents our fear of strangers and the unknown.

The Archangel
The Archangel is our fear of what comes after death. He doesn't really have a physical body. His arc symbol is the Twin Triangles.

The Black Dog
Fear of omens and of being found. It looks like...a big dog. Have to think on this one some more.

The Blind Man
Our fear of getting older and forgetting. Looks like an old man, wanders libraries, and will take away your memories of childhood if he writes your name in his book. Is that scary? Or should he be scarier? He has potential, I think.

The Choir
Our fear of what others think about us. Can manipulate words and sounds. Also: can send out a pretty devastating brown note.

The Cold Boy
Little kid who appears to be made of ice. Represents our fear of the cold and of being cold. Targets those who are cut-off. Likes to sing nursery rhymes.

The Convocation
Our fear of birds and of being taken. Pretty Hitchcockian. I have to find some way of making them scarier.

The Dying Man
Our fear of dying. A body-snatcher. He jumps from body to body, chemically wrecking the body he's in until he has full control, then killing it to jump to another body. Probably needs to be scarier as well.

Represents our fear of drowning, literally, and drowning in our obsessions. Looks like water, can replace all the water in your body and take you over and turn you into something similar to a proxy called a Camper.

The Eye
Our fear of judgment. A giant floating eyeball. Kind of freaky.

The Empty City
Our fear of being lost. A living city that continually changes and shifts. Doors will appear out of nowhere and when people enter them, they go to the City and wander it until they die. Yeah, sounds cool, doesn't it?

The Manufactured Newborn
No idea yet. Name sounds awesome though.

The Nightlanders
Shadow people. Our fear of the unseen, of the things in the dark. They like to rearrange stuff, make things orderly. Kind of weak as an abomination, I know, but hey. Sometimes you work with what you are given.

The Plague Doctor
Our fear of disease and corruption. Wears a plague doctor mask and costume. Can cause not only disease, but mental disorders as well, usually hypochondria.

The Quiet
Our fear of nothing. Literal nothingness. Kind of a gamebreaker, actually, I don't think it will ever appear or else the world goes bye-bye.

The Rake
Began life as a creepypasta.
Our fear of brutality and viciousness. Per the creepypasta, the Rake is a creature with black eyes and sharp claws that whispers to you in your sleep, but will viciously kill you when you are awake.

The Wooden Girl
Our fear of puppets and of being a puppet. She's basically a giant wooden doll wrapped in strings, but she can make her strings manifest within people's bodies and control them.

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