Tuesday, July 5


it started with the slender man. the tall, faceless businessman was terrifying in his own right, but then others appeared. they werent members of the slender mans race (if he had a race), but were similar in what they inspired: fear.

thats stupid. everything inspires fear. you can be afraid of anything. pencils. paper. beets. the kitchen sink. water. being eviscerated. fear is everywhere. fear is everything.

fear fear fear fear
far far far far
fa fa fa fa
a a a a

screaming theres screaming outside i can hear it but maybe its inside maybe im the one who is screaming why am i screaming are they here are they coming for me

i tried playing the game i tried writing something but the writers block was too much i couldnt think i couldnt write anything and the rules dont make sense and the game isnt a game it isnt a game at all oh god please help me

we made it up and it all came true anyway
every single word

welcome to
the fear mythos

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  1. Wow. That is amazing. Love it. Probably shouldn't be reading this at 11:30 at night...