Thursday, May 19

Other contributors

I keep forgetting to mention other contributors to the Fear Mythos. We have our main writers: LizardBite (also our artist), AllanAssuidity, CuteWithoutThe, Djay32, The Visitor, and 7224 (who has managed to make a pretty cool blog about the Black Dog). There's also Noaqiyeum (aka Blancmange), who hasn't written a blog, but has come up with some pretty cool ideas. My absolute favorite is their description of the Plague Doctor:
Perhaps the cloak hangs to the ground, concealing however it moves; it leaves no footsteps, only a broad, shallow ditch scraped clean of anything remotely biological. Those who interact with him are likely to become, not diseased, but hypochondriac, and to hallucinate sensations of things moving on or under their skin. Only if it doubles back on its trail, and you find it a second time, does true disaster follow.

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