Friday, March 11

Introductions and Explanations

Hello. I'm alliterator. A short time ago, some of us over at the TV Tropes forum decided to create a sort of spin-off ARG of the Slender Man Mythos. (If you don't know what the Slender Man Mythos is, go here - but then again, you're probably in the wrong place.) This spin-off mythos would not only have the Slender Man, but a host of other abominations to take up the slack.

We decided to call it the Fear Mythos, because these abominations would be representations of different fears. The Slender Man, of course, represents our fear of strangers and the unknown. (He represents more than that, of course, but we're sort of simplifying things. We don't want it too get to complicated.)

Anyway, this blog will be around to track our progress in working on the Fear Mythos. We want to keep everything straight and not have any continuity snarls or anything. Wish us luck.



  1. Hello. I only recently found out about several of the Fears, including the Empty City, but this seemed like the right place to turn. Because I think I've been there. I wrote a story about it ( ) which may be useful to you. Every bit of information helps, right?

  2. Creating even more eldritch tulpas to stalk the earth, are we? Good. Great. We really need more of those, you know?